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Information for non-Chinese speaking parents

Non-Chinese Students Chinese Learning Assistance


School-based Curriculum Objectives


  1. By adopting the Focus-oriented Teaching Approach, the School designs a suitable school-based Chinese Curriculum (Effectively utilizing internal and external assessment tools and A Structure for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) to promote students’ speaking capability.


  2. Provide pluralistic teaching activities to promote students’ learning motivation.


  3. Promote cultural integration to facilitate students’ integration with school lives and the community.


Lesson Assistance 課堂支援

To offer assistance for the Chinese learning of NCS students of different levels, the School adopts the following two modes of lesson assistance:


  • Pull-out Learning 抽離式學習

    (Establish Pull-out classes, modify existing curriculum provided by textbooks and design school-based Chinese learning handbooks for NCS.)


  • In-class assistance (Provided during writing lessons)


After-class Assistance 課後支援

  • Homework Remedial Class 功課輔導班

  • NCS After-class Extension Class 非華語學生課後中文延展課程

  • After-class Chinese Learning Group 課後中文學習小組

Activities for Cultural Integration 校內文化共融活動

  • Joyful Reading and Writing 喜閱寫意日

  • Inclusive Education Seminar “Inclusive Elite” 共融教育講座《共融小精兵》

  • Small Small World Carnival 細世界嘉年華計劃

External Activities and Competitions 校外活動及比賽

  • The 72th Speech Festival – P.3 Cantonese Poem solo verse (Girls)

    第七十二屆校際朗誦節 小學三年級女子粵語詩詞獨誦

  • NCS Chinese writing competition and talent show 非華語學生中文寫作及才藝比賽

Online resources 網上資源